Get Involved

There are many ways to get engaged with 40 Seconds. Whether you want to contribute money, time, a name of a loved one for inclusion in the project, or just want to share it as a resource. Every contribution matters to bring awareness to the issue.

Share on Social Media

Make sure you are following Project 40 Seconds on the two social media accounts above and be sure to regularly share, like, and comment to keep the message going!


Make a one-time donation via Venmo or CashApp – Make sure to designate it is specifically for the project so funds can be earmarked (and later reported out) properly.

Venmo: @Ashley-Mason-527

CashApp: $AshleyMasonCreates

For the months of December 2019 through April 2020 the Patreon page of Ashley Mason Creates will be primarily focused on efforts surrounding around the content creation for this project. Because of that, all funds received during that time (including previous supporters) will go toward expenses related to this exhibition and event.

You can support the event and the work of an artist by going to:

Every dollar makes a difference.

Submit a name

Across the pieces being created for this project will be the opportunity to include the names of loved ones that have died by suicide. If you’d like to add a name for the project you can submit it here. Survivors of suicide attempts are also invited to submit their own names for inclusion.

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